Belize Water Project


We Can Help Improve the Lives of of People in Another Country

The District 6110 Water & Health Committee has worked for two years developing an international project that would partner with Rotary and Interact clubs in Belize.

Why Belize?

  1. We have $81,000 district designated funds available from District 6110 for these projects.

  2. It’s international, but close by and a desirable tourist destination … a tropical paradise!

  3. There are global grants being written by 2 future vision districts (6200 in Louisiana & 5340 in California). One grant will put filters into schools and the other will put them with families. The goal is clean water for all of Belize within 3 years.

  4. Belize has 9 Rotary, 2 Rotaract and 5 Interact clubs.

  5. English is the official language of Belize making communication & training much easier.

Why Now?

The lack of safe drinking water is the primary cause of disease in the world today. Water borne pathogens account for 90% of deaths of children each year.

When children die from water borne diseases, it is a horrible, horrible death.

We selected the Sawyer Point One Filter

These filters use the
same technology used by Kidney Dialysis adapted to water filtration.

Each Sawyer Filter is
back-washable, and
guaranteed for over 1,000,000 gallons of water processing.

They require no electricity and are gravity fed, from one five gallon bucket of dirty water, through the filter, and draining into a glass, pot, or any clean water container below.

Jack Maxwell, D6110 Chair of Water and Health Concerns, is leading this effort.

As a District project, the doors are opened to other clubs in our District who don’t have a Water Project. Maxwell believes that Belize has needs large enough for other Districts and their clubs to participate.


Belize is easily accessible by air for both freight and travel.

Belize has a stable government and welcomes foreign visitors.

Urban areas have good water but most rural areas have no public water systems at all.

It’s a sad irony that these conditions persist at the very time when water treatment equipment has experienced new, exciting technological developments that can remove virtually all pollutants from water in a single stage, and do it inexpensively!
Baton Rouge Rotary Club 
Distributes Sawyer Filters In Belize – Click For SlideshowVideo_2.html